• Un cuento sin ti

    Un cuento sin ti

    Written and directed by Michael Fetter NathanskyDocumentary | 29 min. | 2019 | Germany, Mexico | Language: Spanish Synopsis UN CUENTO SIN TÍ (engl. A Story Without You) is a poetical documentary film about the power of stories and the attempt to escape the own grandfather’s life story in Mexiko. When a director travels to Mexico City,…

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  • Sag du es mir (You tell me)

    Sag du es mir (You tell me)

    Written and directed by Michael Fetter NathanskyTragicomedy | 102 min. | 2019 | Germany Synopsis After 20 years, Moni returns home to her sister Silke who has been attacked by a stranger. Moni is willing to do anything possible to find the attacker and to protect her sister. But is that really what Silke wants? And…

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  • Gabi


    Written and directed by Michael Fetter NathanskyTragicomedy | 30 min. | 2017 | Germany Synopsis Gabi is a floor tiler, Marco her trainee. Lately, Marco has begun rehearsing with Gabi how to break up with his girlfriend. Adapting his game to her own everyday life, Gabi tries to find a way to fight against her inner…

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  • Mannequins (WT)

    Mannequins (WT)

    Written & directed by Michael Fetter NathanskyRomantic social drama | 104 min. | Germany | currently in post-production Synopsis Nadine is a factory worker. When she begins to perceive her colleague Paul in various guises, she discovers her great love for him. But years later, her love for him dissolves and she starts to question her own…

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  • Salidas


    Written and directed by Michael Fetter NathanskyExperimental narrative dance movie | 10 min. | 2021 | Germany Synopsis SALIDAS (span., DEPARTURES) is a fictional dance film which tells the story of Giralda, an undertaker who accompanies deceased human beings into their afterlife. Interpreted with the means of Spanish flamenco dance and music and set at an…

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